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Do not bet on emotions. You are not betting on football teams, you are betting on point spreads and nothing else!!

Bet lightly for the first few weeks of the season, as no one knows how the teams are going to shape up. Our Betting System doesn't kick in until after week #4. Know your football before making bets. A well informed bettor will win more games. Taking a pot shot at games can be very expensive. It is hard enough picking winners when you study the teams.

Do not listen to the guy sitting next to you in a bar. If he was that damn good, he would be sitting in Las Vegas. There are no hot tips in this business!!

Always buy 1/2 point on any team you bet on with a 3 point spread. Almost all overtime games are decided by 3 points.

Parlay bets are considered a sucker’s bet and the bookies and casinos love them. Your odds to win are very low and can be compared to Keno. I like parlay bets, but do not recommend more than a 2 spot. Never worry about the weather factors when placing bets from November 15th on.



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