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1st: Daily sports picks for all of Coach Thompson's games... Utilizing every one of our copyrighted betting systems. There are NO one-time fees for "Special Games" or so-called "Secret Games or Picks". One monthly fee... ALL ACCESS.

2nd: All of Coach Thompson's copyrighted betting systems have been through rigorous back-testing for years and years. We are not a one-hit-wonder service.

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4th: Honesty... We will not up-sell or present "Special Picks", that would cost you more of your hard earned money. Our copyrighted betting systems are so powerful and profitable that we do not depend on 100 Unit Plays.

5th: Coach Thompson employs a full-time team of statisticians. Their job is to strictly break-down sports statistics, game by game, year to year, and find the traits that make our betting systems yield the highest returns on investments, in the World.

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  • All of our records are kept in-house with no phony line movement and or lies.


What do we expect from YOU?


It's simple... Wake up each morning, log-in to your account and check your daily picks. Go to your favorite "Legal" on-line service and place your wagers. Go back to sleep or do whatever you want for the day... No worries... Proven results... Our betting systems are like robots and they love to go to work for you.

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"Your initial charge will be $75.00 Bi-Weekly You will then be charged $75.00/bi-Weekly for 11 1/2 months
= 23 payments after your initial charge has been made.



Buy for only $75.00 bi-weekly


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