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Sunday August 21st, 2011

We have just been killing mlb season [ 21 - 4 ] last month in half.


Tuesday November 30th, 2010:


We have had a great year so far in the sports world. We went 94-0 on MLB  and The NFL Betting System #1 has done it again! Now we have only lost 1 time in the last 26 years! We will be making new changes starting the 1st week of January 2011. Also, we will be showing through out the next year to 2 years on how to turn $1,000 in into $100,000 within 2 years time! Wish us luck and lets see if we can do this..


Coach Thompson



October 8th, 2009

Final MLB Betting System results for the last 6 months:

April:  - 18.9%

May:  + 119%

June:  - 170%

July:  + 78%

August (New filter added):  +110%

September:  +87%

Final Filter added on MLB Betting System records for 2009:

System A:  24 - 0

System B:  20 - 0

System C:  2 - 0

↑↑↑ 275% return on your money for July, August, and September!!!

May 17th, 2009

Dear Member's,

If you see anyone using our systems or having the same picks, then please contact us right away. We copyright all our systems. The MLB system is copyrighted in so many ways, that no one can't even think of using something close to ours. That's why i have the best MLB systems is history and covered every single angle for this mlb system, so no one can even think of using it. So, if you see a web-site that has a high record for mlb, then contact us! We are the best in the world right now and will be for the next 20-60 years to come.

Coach Thompson

March 23,2009

Dear Member's,

The MLB betting system is completed and ready for release this season. I will go 300 wins and this will include losses as well! A $50 bet will turn into $15,000 for MLB season alone. I have copyrighted this system is so many ways, that no one can even think of using it for the future or selling it. This will be the 2nd best system I have ever made. I will now own the 1st ever NFL betting system to lose 1 time in 24 years and the best MLB betting system in the world.

Coach Thompson


I will also revise the NBA system for 2010 season. It will take me about a 1 year to do this.

Jan 27,2009

Dear Members,

I have been working hard on the MLB betting system and almost done with it. I have went back 7 years on the stats and it's looking great for all you! I should be done within the next week or two. This will be the second best system I have ever made for gambling and own all the copyrights to it as well! This will give you so many picks for MLB season, that you will make a ton of money, using our money management this season.

Take Care,

Coach Thompson



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