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.How long did it take you to develop your system and how long have you tested it?

I’ve always been fascinated with sports statistics and it literally became an obsession for 3 years while I developed my system. I haven’t had to tweak it at all for 4 years now.

2.Is this a one-man show, or do you have a team of people who crunch stats for you?

This was a 1 man show. I worked on this system all by myself and checked the statistics every day. Now it has grown and I have people who track scores, as well as a web team that enables me to do what I do best, and that is crunch numbers for other sports to discover similar trends so I can do this year around.

3.What differentiates your system from others like it?

Mine is the only one out there and I have yet to hear someone else claim they are 100% betting on NFL for over 15 years now.

4.Do your personally bet on the games and what have you won so far?

Yes, I personally bet on games, but not on a large scale right now. We all know it takes money to make money, and if you don’t have it, then you can’t bet.

5.How much have you lost so far?

Nothing at all.

6.Is this your "career"?

Yes, this is what I love to do every day. But I also work a part-time job as well. I love to work on numbers, stats, and cracking codes and I try to figure things out.

7.What motivated you to devote so much time not only to developing your system, but then to take it to a whole new level with your website?

I think subconsciously I knew the trends existed because I was rarely surprised by the outcome of games. I think I had to figure out logically what somehow I already knew. When I started tracking stats and seeing how accurate I was, I realized the impact that a system like mine could have on the betting community.

8.What are your plans for future endeavors?

I want to prove to myself (and to the world) that my system will go 100% on betting on the NFL for the next 5 – 20 years.

9.What source(s) do you use to derive your stats?

I use many sources when it comes to stats to see the difference in the point spreads. I like to take the lowest possible point spread out there and put them into my system to see the outcome of the results. If you use the lowest point spread out there, then you know you can’t be wrong in your findings.

10.How many hours a day do you spend analyzing stats?

I spend about 4 to 7 hours a day, depending on what sport I’m trying to break and figure out.

11.How much communication can I expect from you should I decide to utilize your consulting services?

You can count on me usually within less than 12 hours of receiving an email. My main times on the computer are Monday – Friday from 2 pm to 12 am eastern time, and weekends I’m usually online all day. You should utilize my consulting service to understand everything; then you won’t need my help any more. Once I’ve helped you grasp the system and I’ve answered all your questions, the only thing you’ll need from me is my picks.

12.What is the average time span between my first bet and potentially my fourth and winning bet?

This varies in the NFL, but it’s usually less than four weeks from the 1st – 4th bet; in the NBA, it is less then a week and that holds true for the MLB as well.

13.On average, how many betting opportunities are presented in a given season
(i.e., how many "streaks" are there)?

This varies as well; NFL can range from 1 team – 10 teams betting on NBA.

14.Statistically, how often do people lose the first three bets?

This varies for each sport. On NFL the first 3 bets to win are at a 99% win ratio, the 4th bet is at a .9% win ratio, that's why you have a 99.9% win ratio when it comes to using my one-of-a-kind method for betting on the NFL and NBA.



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